There are two deadlines for submitting your work:

Early Submissions

Deadline: May 26th Notification of Acceptance: May 30th

Late Submissions

Deadline: June 14th Notification of Acceptance: June 21st

By submitting early, you will receive a notification of acceptance before the end of the early registrations for SAB2010 (May 31st).

Instructions to Authors

People who would like to present their work should submit a short paper using the form on the website. This paper should be maximum 4 pages in length.

The papers should be formatted according to the instructions of Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

We can only accept submissions in PDF format.

Submissions will be reviewed by the organisers.

After the workshop contributors may be invited to expand their contribution for inclusion in a special issue of Adaptive Behavior for which full standard peer review will be applied. Therefore, it is important that your contribution contains the content of your talk as well as indicates that you have enough material to fill a full paper.

All submissions will be included in the CD-rom of the SAB2010 workshops.